About Us

Founded in January 2014, CinemaQuestria strives to be the best in streams for bronies. We seek to provide the best in entertaining you, the viewer!


The history of CinemaQuestria actually beings with the history of Babble with Bronies. Founded on November 19th, 2011, Babble with Bronies began on the site Vokle, a site designed for broadcasting with others via the host and an audience. It worked by the host hosting a talk-show while the audience could chime in with either text messages and questions or they could call in with an audio only or video questions.

In order to provide better flexibilities, BwB moved on to a free website hosting and creating site, in January 2012. While all of the functions needed were there, the abilities were still limited and "stiff".

The Tripod site worked, and given the resources we had, that was all we needed but not all we wanted. In December of 2012, BwB was approached by the good folks of BronyState and asked to broadcast on their site. Our first episode went live on February 3rd of 2013.

Unfortunately, due to some disagreements, Babble with Bronies left BronyState in January of 2014 and has since launched CinemaQuestria. Instead of simply using the site to only broadcast the BwB broadcasts, CinemaQuestria was founded to do more, much more. It is from this that you see today. We hope you enjoy your visit!