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  • J.E. Smith

    J.E. Smith

    Job: Moderator, Streamer, Teller of Stupid Puns.

    Favorite Pony: Pinkie Pie

    Cutie Mark: Bass Note

    Favorite episodes thus far:

    • Season 1: Applebuck Season (4)
    • Season 2: The Last Roundup (14)
    • Season 3: Apple Family Reunion (8)
    • Season 4: Twilight's Kingdom (25 + 26) / Maud Pie (18)
    • Season 5 (so far...): Slice of Life (9)


  • matttheshadowman


    Job: Streamer, Moderator and Tea Boy

    Favourite Pony: Fluttershy

    Cutie Mark: A cup of proper British tea

    Favourite episodes thus far:

    • Season 1: Dragonshy (7), A Dog and Pony Show (19) and The Cutie Mark Chronicles (23)
    • Season 2: Lesson Zero (3), Sisterhooves Social (5) and Hurricane Fluttershy (22)
    • Season 3: The Crystal Empire (1 + 2) and Magic Duel (5)
    • Season 4: Pinkie Pride (12) and Filli Vanilli (14)
    • Season 5: Amending Fences (12) and Crusaders of the Lost Mark (18)
    • Season 6: Gauntlet of Fire (5), A Hearth's Warming Tail (8), The Saddle Row Review (9) and To Where and Back Again (25 + 26)
    • Season 7: Celestial Advice (1), A Royal Problem (10), The Perfect Pear (13), Uncommon Bond (24) and Shadow Play (25 + 26)

    CinemaQuestria's tea servant.

  • Mekapi


    Job: Web Guy

    Cutie Mark: Spider Web

    Favorite episodes thus far:

    • Season 1: The Cutie Mark Chronicles (23)
    • Season 2: It's About Time (20)
    • Season 3: Too Many Pinkie Pies (3)
    • Season 4: Pinkie Apple Pie (9)

    Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2006

  • MrBen


    Job: Moderator, Streamer, King of Snark, Trivia God

    Favorite Pony: Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie

    Cutie Mark: Game controller

    Favorite episodes thus far:

    • Season 1: Party of One (25)
    • Season 2: Lesson Zero (3) and Hearts and Hooves Day (17)
    • Season 3: Magic Duel (5)
    • Season 4: Too many to list!

    The snarky, self-proclaimed big man of the group, Mr. Ben has been here since Babble With Bronies' very first episode. From the series humble beginnings on Vokle, to the LiveStream and Tripod era, to BronyState and the current era on CinemaQuestria, Mr. Ben is proud to be a part of the team. His job is basically keeping an eye on the chat rooms, making sure things remain appropriate for discussion, informing any newcomers of the rules and that said rules are enforced.

  • Nittany_Discord


    Job: Moderator, Streamer, Resident Maid Stallion, Resident Nerd, and Weather Nut

    Favorite Pony: Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, and Berry Punch

    Cutie Mark: Thunderstorm Symbol behind a Cold Front Symbol

    Favorite episodes thus far:

    • Season 1: Sonic Rainboom (16)
    • Season 2: Hurricane Fluttershy (22)
    • Season 3: N/A
    • Season 4: I can't decide!

  • RainShadow


    Job: Streamer, Moderator, Applejack Enthusiast

    Favorite Pony: Applejack

    Cutie Mark: A tall mountain with dark clouds to one side

    Favorite episodes thus far:

    • Season 1: Applebuck Season (4) / The Best Night Ever (26)
    • Season 2: A Canterlot Wedding (25 + 26) / Lesson Zero (3)
    • Season 3: Sleepless in Ponyville (6) / Magical Mystery Cure (13)
    • Season 4: Twilight's Kingdom (25 +26) / Pinkie Pride (12) / The Rest (1-24)

    A fan of animation (especially western animation), 90s Disney Movies and Cartoon Network, music, and any good humor-filled piece of entertainment! RainShadow also works hard to extract the background music from MLP episodes season 3 onwards, and attempts to bring the enjoyment he receives from it to others! He also enjoys video and audio production, as well as graphic design. When he's not telling pesky teenages to stop riding the skateboards at work, you can usually find him active in the chat using the word "dat" way to much.

  • Unknownloner


    Job: Coding, Streaming, Boolean Algebra

    Favorite Pony: Fluttershy and/or Rainbow Dash

    Cutie Mark: λ

    Favorite episodes thus far:

    • Don't make me pick favorites!

    Deep in the forests of Albion lay the small town of Oakvale, unchanged by time and untouched by the sword. Here lived a boy, and his family. A boy dreaming of greatness. Of one day being a hero. Sometimes he imagined himself as a noble knight, or a powerful wizard. And other times he dreamt he’d be an evil warrior. But in all his dreams of greatness, he could not possibly imagine the power of the destiny that lay before him.

  • Xena


    Job: coding, moderation, general warrior princess things

    Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle

    Cutie mark: a green oval overlaid with a black outline of Shadow the Hedgehog's head with a white #! inside it

    Deep in the amazon jungles, one person had stirred. This person was deep in meditation, studying the ancient art of programming, IRC moderation and systems administration. Google hath broken the trance with offers for interviews and other forms of consideration. Xena emerged, hardened by the many hours of inward thinking. They came to CinemaQuestria to help ensure the highest quality of entertainment for everypony in the world.

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